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ROLEX TOP5 – The new Yacht Masters 40 Series

Official model number: 126622 (rhodium white)
The Yachtsman model is one of Rolex’s most popular and classic collections. The new Baume & Mercier Yacht case bracelet is made of platinum steel (Oyster steel and platinum) and features a 950 platinum 60-minute graduated bi-directional rotating bezel with projecting numerals. The deep rhodium white dial is a distinctive Rolex design, with a recognizable bubble mirror at 3 o’clock and a 70-hour repliche rolex orologi power reserve.

Official model: 116610LV
It is one of the most recognizable and well-known watches on the market. In the early years, the scenery was endless, and still today, there is still a great premium, just because of the green water ghost color, under the sun, really envies the others. It can be said that every man loves the green! It has to have its place in the Rolex Worth Buying list.

official model number: m126334-0002,
The 126334 Blue Disc is one of the most popular watches in the 41 series, and it is the perfect partner for both casual and formal wear. As Rolex’s most iconic model, the logbook model has a longer history than the submariner, and the dogtooth ring design is the most iconic Rolex design! More importantly, this watch is a five-bead bracelet, don’t miss it when you come across it at a boutique.

Official model: 116613LB-97203,
People say that Rolex “every green will fire”, in repliche rolex yacht master ii orologi fact, this sentence is a bit one-sided, Rolex “blue” is also very hot. For example, the “Midsummer Blue”, “Ice Blue” and other popular models. If you’re feeling aesthetically tired of the “black and green water ghosts” of the same collection, then this watch is the perfect choice. The bold, cool intergold is paired with a deep, wise blue dial, where the two color elements clash to create the most unique charm. The “Golden Steel” shines brightly in the sunlight and is expected to be a dark horse this year, becoming a popular watch on the market.

Official model number: M126600-0001.
The advantage of the Sea Angel is that it looks a lot like the Water Ghost and is not as hard to buy as the Water Ghost, so it may become a second choice for some friends who can’t buy the Water Ghost. The Rolex Water Ghost is famous, and there is a natural reason why the Ghost King is called King. The Sea-Dweller (often nicknamed the Ghost King by watch enthusiasts) is more powerful and tougher than the Sea-Dweller, which is water resistant to over 300 meters, while the Ghost King is water resistant to 1200 meters. It also has a legendary reputation in the collecting community. A very collectible watch, Rolex has a premium price, or a steel-cased sports model.

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