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migliore Rolex Lady-Datejust Argentato M279178-0006

The female version of Rolex’s most popular creation ever, the 26mm Rolex Lady-Datejust is the immediate first port of call for the majority of women looking for the one watch that will be their lifelong companion.

The Lady-Datejust can be as subtly understated or as eye-catchingly flamboyant as the wearer desires, crafted in everything from unassuming stainless steel and all three flavors of gold, through to the ultimate luxury of platinum. You will also find pieces glittering with gemstone enhancements of every type, with diamonds, rubies and sapphires either delicately highlighting hour indexes or festooned liberally from every surface.

he appeal of the Lady-Datejust is the versatility of its range. It is available in all materials including stainless steel, white, yellow, and Everose gold, in addition to platinum. Furthermore, there are different sizes to choose and a variety of dial designs to suit all tastes. Once the perfect Ladies watch has been selected, it’s easy to never take it off as it will almost always wear just right. Here we take a look at a contemporary interpretation of the Lady-Datejust, the ref. 178341.
The Rolex ref. 178341 retains the unmistakable characteristics of the Lady-Datejust model, yet manages to interpret them in a relevant and modern fashion. First, the size of the migliore Rolex Lady-Datejust Argentato M279178-0006 is a very wearable 31mm. Larger than the traditional ladies’ Datejusts that measure below 30mm, the ref. 178341 is right on-trend by offering a bigger case. Furthermore, the metal choice for this particular Datejust is fresh and up-to-date. Opting for a mix of steel and gold highlights both the robustness and luxuriousness of the watch. Plus, warm Everose pink gold for a watch is a very popular alternative to traditional yellow gold, as seen on the wrists of celebrities, tastemakers, and fashionistas.

Inside, things are even more impressive. When the original Datejust was introduced way back in 1945, it became the first waterproof, self-winding watch in the world with a date replica rolex datejust watches function. The mechanical calibers that made it all possible were a revolution, and have been subjected to Rolex’s ever-increasing demands for perfection ever since.

The movements that drive the Lady-Datejusts have identical functionality, but their minuscule size is an even greater test, and testament, to the watchmaker’s art. Incredibly, the most recent generations of these tiny engines even outshine their larger variants for accuracy and reliability, holding the record for the highest first time pass rate of any movement tested by the Official Swiss Chronometer Testing Institute.

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